Fresh Perspectives

Only 3 miles. It is supposed to be run at a very easy pace. No pushing it. Why are these runs the hardest?? Why is it so hard to just be happy plodding along at what feels like a toddler’s pace?

My route today is one I have ran countless times except I run it the same direction every single time. Well, today the flag went all the up the pole and what did I do?! I ran it going the other direction! Such a simple thing to do but why did it take me so long to realize I don’t have to go in the same direction all the time! This is what I love most about running, it gives me moments of perfect clarity and purpose.

Another pursuit that keeps my focus in the moment is taking pictures. For me, the joy of photography is in the actual doing. I hate editing, working on the computer, and grow bored of the technical details. My happy place is just out and about in the world with a camera. Doesn’t even matter what kind of camera. I got a iphone for the camera. Not for the phone service, not because I can get email on it but because it is small enough to put in a pocket and simply take a picture, any time, anywhere. The one thing I haven’t quite mastered though is leaving home with it fully charged. Kind of a problem. So here are some pictures from today before my battery ran dead yet again.

Fresh Perspectives

2 thoughts on “Fresh Perspectives

  1. My sister and I noticed in our prodigous walks all over the map–that it takes us three times as long to get there as it does to get back– along the same route. What could that mean??!

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