New Territory

 I can’t remember the last time I ran 7 miles. But I sure did today ! In a couple weeks I will be doing the length of runs that has always stopped me from achieving my marathon goals. Today’s run went really well. My pace was one I think I could have maintained for awhile longer. My fitness is improving as evidenced by being able to maintain pace even up some hills. I resisted the ever present urge to push it and so finished the run feeling like my legs still had more. This is a good way to finish the long slow runs I think. I managed to even have a full battery on my phone, so it didn’t go dead 2/3’s of the way into my run.


Last hill to my house. I hate this hill.
New Territory

3 thoughts on “New Territory

  1. Nancy, I have been running nearly most days since about 1993. The longest breaks have never exceeded 2 weeks. So I have a very good endurance base. In the last couple years only been running about 12-15 miles a week but because I have been running so regularly for so long, I can do pretty good upping my mileage.

  2. Oh and I also started my training about 3 weeks before I started this blog. I wanted to make sure I really wanted to try the half marathon before I made a commitment to blogging about it.

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