Slow, Fast, Slow

Ok, so fast might be stretching it but today was another speed work day. 7×400’s in between a slow mile. I managed to maintain my goal pace. The Rolling Stones set the proper tone and tempo. Yes, I do run with earbuds in my ears. I use the ones that come with the iphone. They do not cancel any noise and I find if I have the volume turned down enough, I can still hear cars etc…I will take them out though if I feel like I need my extra spidey sense. Not only do I use my iphone for taking pics and listening to music but I also use the Runmeter app. This nifty app plots your routes with gps and keeps track of all sorts of information for you,like average pace, fastest pace ,elevation etc. You can use it for all activities not just running. I carry it in a equally nifty  waist band holder called the Spi belt. You have easy access to it while you are running vs one of those arm band carriers. Anyways, just thought I would share with you some of my running accessories.

Slow, Fast, Slow

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