8 is Great!

Yesterday was supposed to have been my long run day but I couldn’t run yesterday because friday I did some poly metric exercises and they made my hamstrings so sore I could barely run up my drive, let alone 8 miles. So, today I did the 8 mile run. I wasn’t sure of a route so I just decided to start running and have Brad pick me up wherever I stopped. He offered to drive me 8 miles from home and then I run back, but there was something about setting out not knowing my exact route that appealed to me.

My first photo ops were these 2 little cuties:


Just call me the cow whisperer, these brown beauties had me confused with  that guy that comes around with the truck and feeds them.

Completely random but I am a Leo so I do like this sign and yesterday I read that Regulus, the brightest star of the constellation Leo spins so fast that it has an oblate shape.

About 4 miles into the run I had a decision to make. I could turn around and run the same route back  home, or I could choose between 2 different routes .One of which, was running along the highway. THere is a path that is separate from the highway but runs right along side it. So while you do escape the danger of being hit, you can’t get away from the noise. I opted to run along the highway. Ugh. I know. I decided that it would be good mental training. I did have to run on the highway for about 1/2 mile before the trail started and that wasn’t much fun.

Huh, this truck isn’t from around here.

There was this pretty purple mailbox though.

Along the paved path I was happy to find these words of encouragment!

I ended up averaging 9:36 per mile and actually did run one 8 minute mile while on the highway. I think the noise and such was making me a little frantic. It was a great run all in all and look what was on the side of the trail exactly where I stopped!



8 is Great!

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