Should I Go Or Should I Stay Now?

9 miles. Felt great! I had hesitations starting out today as the sky was looking very dark  and thunderstorms were in the forecast. But, I figured what the heck, I can always call Brad to come fetch me. So off I went.

This is how it looked when I set off, but hey I was running the opposite direction the clouds were coming from. I was going to be fine, right?!

The sky only grew darker as each mile passed. One thing I did notice was no wind. Seems like when we get thunderstorms it gets very windy.

I love these wild shrub roses.

I think somewhere around mile 6 it did start to rain. At this point I just didn’t care. I wasn’t hearing thunder and so I just decided to see what was going to happen. The rain didn’t last long, there was one rumble of thunder and then it was over.

I averaged 10:18 minute miles and had some to spare when I was done. So glad I took a risk on the weather. Totally worth it!


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