Prior to my 3 mile run today, I spent some time reading about training with a heart rate monitor. The principles behind it are not new to me, but I have never been that interested in using one. However, today, I thought I would just see what my heart was up to during a run. My run today was to be easy. Well, I guess my idea of easy and my training program’s idea of easy are 2 different things! After about .5 mile of running at what I think is pretty easy and fairly typical of when I first start a run, I tend to pick things up after about .8 of a mile, my heart rate was 80. 80! well, that isn’t going to do much for aerobic conditioning. Granted, I was only just into the beginning of my run but I thought I better pick it up now. A mile later I checked again, I thought for sure oh I am probably just at the very bottom of the aerobic training zone about 60%. Nope, heart rate was 103. Well darn, 3 miles later and a few heart rate checks later , I discovered I really need to be running much faster on these easy runs. Granted, it is very hard to be sure you are getting an accurate count when you have to actually stop to count but I think it was accurate enough to tell me I want to get a heart rate monitor.  I am going with the polar H7 smart, it is blue tooth enabled so will synch with my phone vs a separate watch. I will have to switch my running app to digifit as my current app is not compatible. Not a big deal, I think digifit is $2.99. It is still important to me to use my phone for music and camera on runs so I am choosing that route vs a gps/heart rate watch. I want to carry only one device.

SInce I was so preoccupied with my cardiac function, I took no pictures.


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