I set out today with the intention of running 9-10 miles. But, at the get go, I had a hunch that a long run wasn’t going to be in the cards. My hamstring muscle in my left leg seemed unusually tight. I made a deal with myself that I would run a couple miles and if it hadn’t improved than I was going to abort. After about 1 mile things did seem to losen up but that turned out to be temporary. By the 3 mile mark, the tightness was now in my hip area. It was the type of muscle tightness I might feel after the 7 mile mark. It didn’t seem ominous but I also know better not to push things. So I did what I really hate doing and that is stop running,turned around and walked home. Happy to report that a few hours after, I have no residual tightness or soreness, I am feeling pretty good that I did the right thing. Perhaps it was the sitting from long distance driving that caused it.


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