A Couple Things

So to answer a query regarding what I carry camera in, here are my answers. I carry my iphone and use it for pictures. I also use a running app that keeps track of routes,pace and all sorts of other useless data. I had to replace my ispi belt as Gus chewed the zipper. I replaced it with 2 different belts. The first one is my everyday belt. It is made by tunebelt. I can touch the phone screen thru the plastic as well as see the screen. There is also a little pocket on the back that you can put a car key or dog treats. I am happy with this product.


This belt I got for long runs. I can carry water and it has more pockets. One of which carries the iPhone. I really do not like carrying water, the sloshing is annoying and I don’t like the weight around my waist. I really don’t need all of the pockets on this but the price was right. My only complaint is the really long straps, I have to wear it tightly around my waist in order for it to be comfortable and not bouncy feeling. I guess I should just trim the straps.

A Couple Things

One thought on “A Couple Things

  1. so this means you can do a live stream, right? i’m thinking you should create an app where you connect with runners who are on the road at the same time and you chat with each other during your workouts….It would have all that map crap too, but the best part would be the live view and sound. You could rope in those poor souls stuck on the treadmills so they can see your run while they’re slaving away at the club. Hack my workout!

    Thanks for the awesome tool belt pics. I agree, sloshing water is a massive turn-off.

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