Sleepless in Montana

It has been a strange week indeed for trying to get any running done. Between painting the house and the pupster’s swallowing a bottle cap, my runs have come to a grinding halt. Apparently, swallowing and vomiting up a beer bottle cap is tough on a dog’s esophagus.  Gus was up all night coughing and retching. That left me with another sleepless night. However, we went to the vet again today and got some medicine to help his esophagus heal and suppress the cough. He is already on the mend.

I managed to drag my delirious sorry self out for a 5 mile run today. Smoke from an Idaho fire has invaded our valley and mimics the haze that is my state of mind. The run actually felt great and I am glad I did it. I hope to be back on my regular programming tomorrow.

Sweet little bird house

Blue flax, pink skirt

I leave you with little bovine cuties.

Sleepless in Montana

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