Race Day Musings

I meant to have written about the race a bit sooner but I got a little distracted by a forest fire forcing our evacuation and other sorts of chaos. So anyways, back to the race! Conditions for the race were pretty good. The smoke in the valley was acceptable and the temps while a little chilly at the first warmed up perfectly. Like I have said before, it takes me awhile to feel like I am settling into a run. The first few miles always feel a little rough. I surprised myself by locking into the pace I needed to run right at the start. The first half of the race was on gravel roads which was fine with me except at one point the washboards were not much fun to run on. I also rediscovered that I prefer running alone and during the race was no different. It wasn’t until about the  6 mile mark that I got my solitude. The course meandered thru rural properties complete with cows, dogs, and even a goat at one of the aid stations. I knew if I was to make my goal, I would have to really push my pace at every downhill moment. Running downhill may seem easy but after awhile the constant contraction of the quads does tire them. You don’t feel it though until the surface flattens out again. The miles passed quickly enough but I was ready to be done by the time I got to the 12 mile mark. The course then took the runners thru town before ending at the park where it started. Katie and David were so sweet to come see me finish and take this picture of me. My time was 1:57:40. My goal was to finish under 2 hours. I really wasn’t sure if I could do it. I was 6th in my age group 40-49 and was 17th overall of all the women. I am already looking ahead to the next race. I like the distance. 

Race Day Musings

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