A Different Sort of Run




We have spent the last week in Utah. The primary purpose was to attend a 4wd driving school with Bill Burke. I cannot say enough about the quality of this clinic .Bill’s background and expertise is extensive and impressive. Let me just say it was well worth the money and I was so glad we did this despite it being so out of my comfort zone. I had no idea really just what we were getting ourselves into and it was great! Our purpose in learning some driving skills is so that we can explore areas that are inaccessible really any other way than to drive there.

This first picture was from the most difficult ledge we drove down on the first day. The tires are 31 inches tall so you can get an idea how big a drop off it is. All told this ledge drops off about 4 ft? in a very short amount of time. At one point a back tire did lift off the ground. All normal I guess.



This ledge was the second most biggest ledge we drove up on Sunday. Sorry for the picture quality. I had to quick jump out and at first the camera settings were off. I didn’t get a picture of the biggest ledge as I stayed in the truck but it was bigger and steeper. Here is Bill spotting Brad.











Amazing view!


The sand dunes, a definite highlight.


Took most of the vehicles several runs at it to get to the top. We also learned different recovery techniques and got 2 rigs unstuck here at the dunes.



At one point we drove along this-Sevenmile Rim.

A look back at the others coming down this steep road. Well, I thought it was steep.


We did not drive up this slick rock but we did drive up a rock that started off almost as steep as the top of this and then got less steep at the top and was a bit longer than this one. Everyone is looking at recent evidence that someone crashed in their attempt to drive up this. Again, the picture doesn’t really show how steep this got at the top.Again, I never thought I would ever be doing something like this but it really was a fantastic weekend. Have you ever done something you never thought you would do?



A Different Sort of Run

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