Running and Yogurt Making.

Today was my long run, 6miles, although that doesn’t seem very long does it? Wait a few weeks and it will seem long enough to me. My phone up and crashed 3/4’s of the way into my run. It seems to do that periodically when it is cold outside. I guess smart phone batteries aren’t designed to take the cold. What I don’t get it, is that it only does it occasionally, why is that?

I recently started making my own yogurt. If you have never made yogurt before and are remotely curious,try it!! It is soooooo much better than anything in the stores, at least I think so. I am not a fan of all the tangy and tartness I associate with store bought plain yogurt. The stuff I have been making reminds me of homemade creme fraiche. Now, I just want to eat it all the time. Here is the recipe and directions I used.

I have also read that the bacteria grows best in temperatures around 105. So, I heated my oven up a little and then turned it off but left the light on. I put a digital meat thermometer in the oven and made sure it wasn’t going to get warmer than 105. Temperatures warmer will kill the bacteria. My oven stayed above 90 for a few hours and then I moved it to the area where our boiler is, careful not to jiggle or jostle it. I have read of people using a crock pot or wrapping a heating pad around it. I think as long as you are monitoring the temperature those ideas would work. 


Running and Yogurt Making.

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