Hitting the Trail

Today’s run involved some hill training. I did short sprints up a steep rocky trail. I did repeats of the same section of trail running as fast as I could for about 40 secs with equal rest in-between. I have looked at what I think is the race course and it looks like almost 2000ft elevation gain. I did about 8 of these with a slow warm up and cool down. 

My iphone has taken to crashing when the battery hints of getting low whenever I am outside. I guess it has become particularly fussy in colder weather. I will be eligible for a upgrade in June. Meanwhile, I guess I will have to fully charge my phone each run as I am soooo bummed when I can’t use my running app or TAKE PICTURES! So all I have is this, an image of a little DIY I did this am. I decided a lightweight vest over my running jacket would be the bees knees so I took an old sweatshirt and chopped off the sleeves and hood. Viola!


Hitting the Trail

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