Me and Edward Hopper

So I took a mini break to give my knee a rest. I ran today 2 miles to test the waters. We will see. I am not going to get too stressed about it though. I feel fairly confident that it isn’t anything serious. Will it keep me from continuing my training? It may. So be it. 

Anyways, another reason I love running is because it keeps me in touch with the seasons and nature in general. The light has shifted. The sun is sharper and brighter and I felt like  I was running in an Edward Hopper landscape. 



Trail Goodness

It is 62 degrees here today! I got to wear shorts today for my run. I didn’t run yesterday because my knee was killing me walking downstairs. I am not one that really gets much knee pain so I am not sure what to think about it. I had to get outside though today though and so did Gus. We hit one of the few options we have for off leash trail routes and ran 3.25 miles. I really do love trail runs, my fav for sure. Knee didn’t seem to bother me. Time will tell. Oh Gus Gus, such a happy dog today.ImageLook how dry it is already, yikes.Image

8 is Great.

Today was a 8 miler. I have been running since my last entry, don’t you worry. There just wasn’t much to say about those runs. Like there isn’t much to say about today’s run other than the blue sky is sure pretty!


Up and Down.

Today was a hill workout day. Overall, 4.25 miles ran, 2.5 or so was spent running uphill in 1/4 miles chunks. Bleh, not my favorite way to spend the miles but I will hopefully be thankful I put in the effort. Running up hill obviously is harder but really, I think the killer is running downhill for long stretches at a time. I am anticipating a lot of downhill stretches during the race I am doing. No pictures, all business today. 

GIve a Dog a Bone.

Today Gus and I ran 7.34 miles and walked .6. Great run, no wind! By the time I got home it was 56 degrees out. I ended up a little overdressed and sporting this lookImage

Crap hanging all over me. Gus is pretty sure we ran all that way just so he could get this bone.


He carried it home 4 miles. Is anyone else getting anxious for a little change in the landscaping?

photo copy 74

Hitting the Trail

Today’s run involved some hill training. I did short sprints up a steep rocky trail. I did repeats of the same section of trail running as fast as I could for about 40 secs with equal rest in-between. I have looked at what I think is the race course and it looks like almost 2000ft elevation gain. I did about 8 of these with a slow warm up and cool down. 

My iphone has taken to crashing when the battery hints of getting low whenever I am outside. I guess it has become particularly fussy in colder weather. I will be eligible for a upgrade in June. Meanwhile, I guess I will have to fully charge my phone each run as I am soooo bummed when I can’t use my running app or TAKE PICTURES! So all I have is this, an image of a little DIY I did this am. I decided a lightweight vest over my running jacket would be the bees knees so I took an old sweatshirt and chopped off the sleeves and hood. Viola!


Is it Spring Yet?

3.5 miles today. I am pretty sure I saw and heard red winged blackbirds today. Does this mean anything? I am hoping my bird friend pipes in with an answer. 

It’s that time of year where everything sort of has that once over feel to it lol! Matted grasses, freeze dried flowers, and tree skeletons. I am going to start keeping my eyes peeled for the harbinger of spring-buttercups!!!