Giddy Up!

Greetings chickpeas!

This is my first post of what I hope will be many. I intend to document my preparation to run my first half marathon. In the past I have unsuccessfully tried to train for whole marathons but have always been thwarted by injury. I have finally decided that one sometimes just has to accept things and work with whatcha got. ┬áRunning has been a staple of mine for decades and has gotten me thru many a rough patch. If you run, you know what I am talking about. It’s my place I go….

So anyways, today’s run was an easy 4 miler. I have become suddenly aware of the various alcoholic/enchancement beverage bottles on the side of the road. Here is today’s example:

Roadside beverage: Monster Assault

I have no idea what it is. Random, I know.

On runs less than 5 miles Gus goes with me. Gus is too young to go on anything longer.

Give Gus an inch, he takes a mile.

I don’t usually let Gus have this much leash space, but in the interest of making a picture, just this once.

More on running with a dog later!

Giddy Up!